Mobile Phone Survey

I have now completed the mobile phone reception report for South Perrott.  It was presented to the Parish Council on Thursday 12 November, where the recommendations were accepted in full. A letter has been drafted addressed to OfCom, with copies to our MP, Oliver Letwin and County Councillors, asking for our case for improved reception to be prioritised with the mobile phone providers.

In the meantime I regret to say that I think the chances of getting a good signal in the village are remote for the foreseeable future. All is not lost, however.  The Internet offers a practical alternative and in the next edition of Pump and Pound I will outline how that can be done.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.  You may wish to use the village Facebook page for that purpose. Then we can set up a discussion forum.

Best wishes,

David Lines.

Mobile Phone Survey Responses
Mobile Signal Map
Mobile Phone Signal Final Report
Letter to Ofcom